Top Stories 2018

12 Jun 2018

Trane® Smart Technologies Showcased @CLP Symposium

12 June, experts from Trane Hong Kong showed all the participants our innovations for the greener and smarter future, including Trane® Air-Fi™ Wireless Control System and Smart DC Fan Coil Units at the CLP Power Smart Energy Symposium 2018.

Here, we thank China Light & Power Company again for inviting us to demonstrate our advanced technologies at Trane Hong Kong's booth. It is utmost vital for us to promote the importance of environmental-friendly HVAC systems with all our clients and the people in Hong Kong.

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25 May 2018

Creating the Best "TAI KWUN" Experiences with New Innovations ––
The CenTraVac™ Chillers, High Performance Air Handlers with Trane® CDQ™ Desiccant Dehumidification and Tracer™

Trane Hong Kong has been a long-term business partner of the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) and is fully committed to providing its latest innovation and technologies solutions for his projects.

The Central Police Station Revitalisation Project (Tai Kwun - Centre for Heritage and Arts as shown in picture, provided by HKJC) is the largest heritage conservation and revitalisation project led by HKJC and has been carried out in partnership with the Government. We are proud to take part in the project by providing the latest HVAC systems including our CenTraVac™, AHUs, CDQ™ & Tracer™ with a view to creating the most enjoyable experience for all of the visitors from Tai Kwun’s grand opening on 25 May.

27 Apr 2018

Sharing the Latest Transition of New Refrigerants by Our Expert
Trane® Supports the Innovation & Technology Development of HVAC Industry as Always

As a leader in HVAC industry, Trane® always supports the sharing of our latest innovation, technologies and information about our industry.

Ir K T Cheuk, Head of Engineering from Trane® Hong Kong gave a talk about “Transition of New Refrigerant c/w Safety and Consideration” at “BS One Day Seminar 2018” organized by The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 27 Apr.

07 Mar 2018

Trane® Hong Kong Values Occupational Safety and Health

Trane® Hong Kong has always set occupational safety and health as the top priority of our business. In addition to our health and safety policies, we provide our employees and partners with courses of occupational safety and health in regular basis so as to deliver the latest knowledge and information.

Trane® Service Hong Kong from TYS family also conducts safety courses regularly (as shown in pictures). "Safe use of chemicals and electricity, as well as LOTO procedure" is the theme of the course this time. Hence, all of our qualified technicians can keep abreast of occupational safety knowledge.

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08 Feb 2018

TYS Annual Dinner – Celebration of a Fruitful Year

TYS Ltd. Annual Dinner was held at City Hall Maxim's Palace on 8 February. Members of Trane Hong Kong, Trane Service Hong Kong and Hong Kong Air-conditioning Parts Centre were all invited to this remarkable event.

Mr. Frankie Chan, Managing Director, gave his opening speech for the dinner. “This year, Trane team achieved record-breaking results in various areas such as product delivery and energy retrofit projects,” he said. For the coming year, Mr. Chan believes a new height of success will be reached by the continuous efforts of all team members and support from valuable clients.

Without doubt, highlight of this evening was the lucky draw and about 100 prizes in total were given away.

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20 Jan 2018

Shared the Development of Refrigerant at RTHK
Acknowledging the HVAC expertise of Trane®

Refrigerant is an essential part of the HVAC system and it is closely related to our daily life and even to climate change. In view of this, Trane® accepted the invitation from "Climate Watcher", the radio programme of RTHK to conduct an interview on 20 Jan. During the live programme, Dr. Philip Yu, Director of Environmental & Applications Engineering, Trane® Asia Pacific shared his professional knowledge about HVAC industry, from the basic concept of the refrigerant, to the latest development of it.

Dr. Yu unveiled the reasons why The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology can use our chillers for 20 years without refilling refrigerant with the audience and the presenter, Mr. Tony Woo – this is due to our industry-leading technology and the adoption of low-pressure refrigerant. As a consequence, the leakage of refrigerant can be minimized. More information, click here to catch up the programme now (the interview session is on "20/01/2018 - Part 2")! Here, we thank RTHK again for inviting us to attend the programme acknowledging the HVAC expertise of Trane®. It is utmost vital for us to promote the importance of environmental refrigerants and HVAC systems with the Hong Kong people.

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